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Discover Egypt with your family: this cultural family travel in southern Egypt is fascinating and educational for the children: They will learn a lot about daily life in the time of the pharaohs, and make contact with the children in the village where they stay: playing and eating together, making music. You will experience daily life in an Nubian village!
The journey begins with a short stay in
Luxor. There you will visit the tombs and temples of the pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings.
By train to
Aswan afterwards, where you stay on the West Bank in our cozy guesthouse on the edge of the Nubian villages and the desert.
The Aswan program includes

  • a camel ride in the desert,

  • a trip to crocodile island in Lake Nasser, a puzzle on the western bank of the Nile,

  • a music workshop with the village children.

And of course visits to historic sites in the region:

  • the beautifully situated Isis temple,

  • Elephantine Island with rocks that resemble elephants and

  • the Nubian Museum, which offers a clear insight into the history of the local Nubian people, who have had their habitat abandoned by the creation of Lake Nasser. And you will spend a day and a night on a felucca on the Nile with your family, with a trip to the camel market in Daraw.

A versatile Egypt trip with many new impressions!




Day 1: Arrival in Luxor. Guidance on the airport and transfer to your hotel (b&b).


Day 2: After breakfast we visit one of the highlights of the Pharaohs dynasties: the world famous temples and tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Really impressive paintings which show life of the pharaohs; beautiful decorations.
Lots to talk about it if you travel by train to Aswan in the afternoon.
In Aswan we will pick you up from the railway station and bring you by car to the Nubian village on the West Bank, where you will stay the night at our guesthouse Bet el Kerem. Daily breakfast on the rooftop, with famous pancakes made by our chef.

Day 3: Exploring the area on a camel in the desert, in search of desert foxes. If you look at the tracks in the sand, you might find them! Through the desert and the villages we arrive at a family that lives near the Nile. The family prepares for us a delicious picnic lunch and the children can play together.


Day 4: No program. You might take the ferry for example to Aswan (10 mins.) to visit the market, the Nubian Museum, or go for a swim in the pool of one of the hotels in town. Or explore the West Bank further more. Ask us for advice about the possibilities.


Day 5: To the Crocodile Island in Lake Nasser. First by car to the port of Aswan and from there by boat on the huge Lake Nasser - an experience in itself. On the island we will have lunch. If you look closely, you might see the crocodiles swim to the island ...


Day 6: For older children: a day of cycling along the Nile and through the villages. For the younger kids, a small walking tour in the villages and further by car. Visit a farm and have lunch at the traditional Bet el Nubie. Then take a boat back to the village.


Day 7: A treasure hunt in the area. Get directions along with questions and all sorts of information about Egypt and the region around Aswan. If everything is answered, there comes a word from the pharaoh time out. And of course you get a prize if you hand in your answers to us!


Day 8: No morning program. In the afternoon a music workshop and some sporting activities together with the village children. In the evening we will have dinner with a Nubian family.


Day 9: A visit to the island of Elephantine (so called by the giant slippery rocks which look like elephants) and to the picturesque museum Animalia, which guide Mohamed made in his own home; lots to learn there about the pharaohs and about the Nubian traditions and customs.


Day 10/11: Two days felucca trip with meals and a night in the boat. Sunday morning we go to the camel market of Daraw and will visit the unique double temple at Kom Ombo, dedicated to two gods. Opposite the temple is a new Crocodile Museum, which we will visit as well.


Day 12: No program.


Day 13: Sightseeing with a motor boat along the islands in the Nile. Beautiful scenery and you can see rare birds. We have lunch with Abdullah, who lives in a unique spot on the tip of Sehel island. A worthy farewell from Aswan!


Day 14: By morning train back to Luxor. In the evening we go to the Sound & Light show at Karnak. Overnight in a hotel in Luxor.


Day 15: In the morning you might visit the temple of Luxor, the market or the Luxor Museum. Later in the day transfer to airport for flight back home.

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  • Price: from € 645 p.p.
    Incl. accommodation (b&b), excursions, transfers, guidance, meals mentioned in the program.
    Excl. flights and visa at Luxor airport.

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