Camel rides in the desert


From our guesthouse Bet el Kerem we organize camel tours on an individual basis.

You can opt for a camel ride from a few hours to an entire day.


The tours go along the Nile and through the desert, and to the highlights of the area, such as the viewpoint "Kubbet al Hawa" with breathtaking views over the Nile valley. Many important archaeological excavations have been carried out here in recent years. More information

You can also visit the St. Simeon monastery. This was built on a hill by Coptic monks in the 7th century. For centuries, monks have lived here. In the 13th century they finally had to leave the monastery due to lack of water and attacks by Bedouin tribes.

You can clearly see how the Coptic monasteries lie in the solitude of the desert.


The Mausoleum of Agha Khan is also nearby. A square building of light brown stone. It is the place of pilgrimage of Ishmai Muslims, a cult with 20 million adherents, of whom the wealthy Agha Khan was the spiritual head.


At the end of the tour you can visit the 'Tombs of the nobles':
Rock tombs from the pharaoh era, from "overseers of the south" from the Old and Middle Kingdom.

They had to guard the southern border and monitor trade with Nubia.

Some tombs are in good condition and can be visited.


On this page you will find a brief description of the sights listed here.

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Welcome to our guesthouse Bet el Kerem in Aswan

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