Cycling and walking in Aswan
on the West bank of the Nile


Walk or cycle through the green farmlands, traditional village life, the desert: experience everything at your own pace. Along the way you will certainly be invited to tea: Nubian hospitality.

An impression: You depart from the western Nile River in Aswan in a northerly direction. The Nile is on your right. And agricultural lands where the land is cultivated just as it was in the Pharaoh era. A cow pushes a water wheel, white ibises among the crops. Donkeys bring their cargo to the village, accompanied by children. Women in black, on their way to the market. It is early in the morning; the sun shines comfortably, the call of the imam shines across the fields; time for prayer. A boy on a camel kindly greets you. On the left, behind the villages, the desert begins.

Are you in Aswan and want to discover Nubia yourself?

We rent decent Dutch bicycles at our guesthouse Bet el Kerem on the West Bank.

With the ferry that leaves every 20 minutes from the center across the street to the train station, you can cross the Nile in 10 minutes. After arriving on the West bank you walk to the right and you will soon see a large blue building with tall trees in front of the first row of houses.
That is our guesthouse.
You can also call Abdel: 012 23911052.
From here you can also
walk through the Nubian villages, if desired with an English-speaking local guide.

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Welcome to our guesthouse Bet el Kerem in Aswan

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