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Welcome to our guesthouse Bet el Kerem in Aswan

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Experience Nubia
Office: The Hague, the Netherlands

nr. 70204063 Chamber of Commercetel. 

Tel: +201223911052 (Egypt)tel.+31681180400 Holland )experiencenubia@gmail.com   

We love to show you all the sights!

There is much to discover in and around Aswan!
This most southern Egyptian city is really worth a stay.
Many cultural heritage from the time of the Pharaohs is preserved in this area.
Along with the interesting Nubian museum they provide a clear picture
of the impact of the Nubians at different times in the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Below you will find all the sights with a brief description. Click on the pictures:

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we also offer these activities:
Nubian Museum

In November 1997, the long-awaited Nubian Museum opened in Aswan. It has been worth the wait as it displays thousands of antiquities that would have been lost under the waters of Lake Nasser had not a major international effort salavaged them during the 1960s and '70s. Also among the highlights are scenes of Nubian life demonstrated with a range of life-size displays.Sited on high ground, the complex com prising the museum building itself, an open-air exhibition, and an open-air theatre is an im

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