Discover the land of the black pharaohs!

During our cultural tours through North Sudan you will discover pure and unspoilt Nubia!

Here is the origin of the Nubian Empire with countless pyramids and many temples.

And here you will find traditional life in the Nubian villages; relaxed, friendly and welcoming.

We show you all the cultural highlights, from Khartoum to Lake Nassermeer in the north.


If you wish, you can take the weekly ferry to Aswan in South Egypt (and fly back home via Cairo). Nowadays there are also daily buses between Aswan and Wadi Halfa, on the Sudanese side of the lake.

The trips start with exploring the Sudanese capital Khartoum where we visit the small but interesting Ethnographic Museum and the Sudan National Museum.

This offers a clear overview of Nubian history and therefore a perfect introduction to the journey. We also sail to the place where the blue and white Nile meet and visit the largest market in the country. The following days we travel to the impressive cultural and historical sights, cross desert areas and see the daily life of the local population, in the villages where we stay, at markets we visit and along the Nile, where we may even see crocodiles.

The journey ends via a boat trip on Lake Nasser in Egypt (Aswan). Or by bus, if you prefer; less adventurous, but more comfortable.

You will visit:

  • the 5000 m² temple complex Musawwarat Es Sufrathe Meroitic temples of Naqa: Temple of Amun, the Lion Temple, the Kiosk

  • Royal City of Meroe; many pyramids of Nubian kings and queens.

  • the excavations at Kerma, where once the capital of the Nubian Empire lay Mount Gebel Barkal, which was once thought the god Amun lived there

  • more than 180 Nubian pyramids at the El-Kurru and Nuri cemeteries

  • remnants of medieval Christian Nubia (near Dongola)

  • ruins from the Ottoman Empire.


On the website of the Sudan National Museum in Khartoum you will find detailed information about all places along the route!

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Welcome to our guesthouse Bet el Kerem in Aswan

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